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What is Tiktok Comment Picker tool?

When you want to pick someone random from the comments of the Tiktok Video post that you shared, you will need a tool.

And we are honored to tell you that we have gathered all the resources needed and made a Tiktok random comment picker; before getting started, we have to say to you that our tool is completely free and No login required.

The TikTok Giveaway Picker tool will allow you to randomly pick one or more winners from your tiktok video comments.

How to Pick Winners from Tiktok Video Comments?

First, copy the link of TikTok video Post and put it in the first field of Tiktok Random Comment Picker tool.

Now you need to Configure settings and filters related to the lottery so that the eligible people are selected as winners in this lottery.

Finally, announce the winner or winners and give them the prizes determined in the competition.

How Tiktok Giveaway Picker Works?

We have some options for the Tiktok Giveaway tool to filter comments from the lottery. This options can be used to include or exclude entries for the contests.

Let’s get to know the fields of the application and learn how to use it.

Step #1: Tiktok URL

This is the first and the most crucial field because you have to insert the link of the Tiktok that you want to do this lottery on; after you have pasted the link, you can check if it is properly placed or not.

The only thing to do is to click on the "Click Here For Media Preview" Or press the "search button ", and the preview of the Tiktok will be shown; if it does, then your link placement is correct, and you should get to the next section, but if it does not, try coping the link again and make sure that you do it right.

In the Settings Section…

Step #2: Winner Count

this is the first one you have to fill in; the winner count declares the number of users you want to win the draw, meaning if you chose 3 and there are 1000 comments, only three will winners. You can increases or decrease the number from 1 to infinity.

Step #3: Text / Emoji In Comment

This means that the text or emoji or both them you enter in this field will be the required piece of text for the users to enter the contest, and if they don't use that text or emoji in their comments, they won't be able to participate in the Lottery.

This field can also search for and filter comments containing hashtags or mentions. This is where you can provide additional rules for entering the lottery, such as requiring users to use a specific hashtag or mentioning particular individuals in the comments.

Remember that when using a hashtag, you must preface the search term with the hash symbol (#).

Regarding the mention, you must insert the @ symbol before entering the user’s name of each individual.

Remember that you can insert more than one text or emoji and separate them with ",".

Step #4: Minimum Mention Count

This section wants to tell us that a person should mention at least a couple of people in the comment part of a post to participate in the contest. (It doesn't matter who she mentions).

you can set this slider from 0 to infinity, so for example, if you put the number one, everyone that mentioned only one person will be included in the draw.

The default amount of this field is "not important," meaning that if you leave this section blank, the minimum mention count will have no importance and filter in the process of comment picking.

Step #5: Allow duplicate users

If you enable this Filter, it allows you to make the ability for the users to have commented more than one time; this means that when this tab is activated, users can have multiple comments under the post to have more chance of winning. However, turning this dial off means that every user will have only one chance, and that's it.

After all of these fields are correctly filled, you have to tap on the "Continue" Button, and then the Tiktok giveaway tool will analyze the comments, and you can draw the winner or winners. If you want, you can export the list of the winners via the "Export CSV" button.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Sometimes to boost your business, you have to conduct contests and giveaways to keep your audience interested and also the more comments your posts have, the more popular your Account will be. TikTok random comment picker is one of the best ideas achieve these goals.

All of the tools on the Social Picker website, including Tiktok Comment Picker are 100% free, and you don't have to spend a dollar to use these tools, and you don't need to log in or create an account. And also, you have unlimited chances of using these tools so that you can use them thousands of times for free.

Our website is one of the most secure ones, and because we value your privacy, there is no login required and every time you leave the site, we delete all of your sessions, and when you come back, the website will recognize you as a new person with new information. Long story short, none of your information stays in our database.

This tool is 100% fair and can't be manipulated. The result of the lottery and the announcement of the winner is completely random and fair for everyone.

Sorry, but not right now. After the winner(s) has been selected, you can only export a CSV file from the winner's list, which is compatible with Excel and Google Sheets.